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WSEM Host 2nd Annual Hallowiffle Game

Wiffle in Southeast Michigan played their 2nd Hallowiffle game yesterday afternoon in what appeared to be less than desirable weather. Last year they simply dressed up in costumes and played a 6-inning game with their unique fun-star rules in which batters may use different bats each inning and even a racquet at one point. The rules were similar to last year, the only big difference is that they dressed up the field a bit as well.


WSEM Turns Heads With Talent Cap

TCAPThe Off-Season is typically a wiffleball league’s slowest phase each year. Very rarely does a league’s down time after the playoffs intrigue anyone to the extent that WSEM has in 2013. On September 1 the league announced something that would change the league forever: the talent cap system. The talent cap will go into effect for the 2014 regular season. The league has went through the trouble of ranking players by skill on a scale of 1 to 5 stars. Each team can have a maximum of 21 stars  before having to pay a luxury tax of $100-200 (no team may have more than 24 stars worth of talent). 2014 Rookies are only scored as 1.5 stars.

Carl Coffee and Brandon Corbett have been tirelessly analyzing the free agency with articles on the website and episodes from their highly entertaining podcast. October 1 the free agency opened up and several teams have been getting busy filling/organizing their rosters. Seeing teams develop this early for the 2014 season is pretty exciting but knowing that they are getting two expansion teams for next season makes the WSEM off-season the most exciting to watch in 2013 so far. There are a few notable leagues that have yearly drafts, such as Palisades WBL, and that has always been seen as a big step reserved for exceptional leagues but the Talent Cap era could be a bold leap forward in leagues keeping things competitive. The talent cap looks like it’s off to a great start but we will not know how it truly went until April 24 when the talent cap goes into effect.

WSEM Hosts Costumed Halloween Game

Wiffle in Southeast Michigan recently held a unique event. While the impending doom of Hurricane Sandy about to pound the Mid-Atlantic/Northeast coast, a handful of the WSEM’s players donned costumes and played a few innings one of their fields – The Swamp (home of the Thunder Ducks). This marks the first of what some of us hope to be an annual event from WSEM. No video has surfaced from the game but nearly two dozen pictures have. Here are just a few:

The rest of the images can be viewed on WSEM’s Picase web album page. Enjoy and Happy Halloween everyone!

NWLA Tournament Less Than 3 Weeks Away

After months of meticulous planning the Inaugural NWLA Tournament will take place beginning Saturday night – July 14, 2012 after the 14th Annual London Wiffleball Tournament wraps things up. Chris Gallway has nurtured the project from idea into reality along with the help of WSEM and the KWL. Recently 8 teams from 8 different leagues have arranged to be at the tournament. The leagues included are: Wiffle in Southeast Michigan, Potomac Wiffleball League, Kalamazoo Wiffleball League, Ontario County Wiffle Association, Washburn Wiffle League, Skibbe Wiffleball League, Tampa Bay Wiffle, & Griffleball. Skeptical as to how these leagues will perform against one another? You’re not the only one. The latest WSEM podcast episode did a fantastic job picking at the possible troubles certain leagues may experience at the tournament. The tournament will be very exciting and fun nonetheless. Want to go but can’t? No worries. Wiffler’s Digest will be there filming and photographing the whole time so you’ll see what we see. Carl Coffee and Brandon Corbett are planning on doing a special episode of the WSEM podcast at the hotel in Columbus…maybe they have room for another host on that episode?

Let’s not forget that the London Wiffleball Tournament is also happening that weekend! This year’s tournament looks to be bigger than it was the year before. 71 teams have signed up for the event and it will lead to madness, no doubt. The London Tournament has proven to be a fantastic haven for wiffleball players in the Midwest and should be on the destination list of every wiffleball player. After the tournament wraps up in the evening all teams that are participating in both the London Tournament and the NWLA Touranment will immediately leave for Columbus to begin pool play for seeding for the NWLA Tournament. Pool play may last until midnight. The location of the fields in Columbus is conveniently located directly across the street from the hotel that participating teams will be staying at. The NWLA Tournament has the potential to grow into a huge national even if all goes well the weekend of July 14-15. We will see you there!

For more information about the NWLA Tournament visit their website at http://www.nwlatournament.com or visit their facebook page and ask questions!

NWLA Tournament Undergos Sea Change

It’s been a few months since the confirmation of the Inaugural NWLA Tournament was announced. However, not much has been mentioned about the event. When I went to Washington D.C. last weekend to meet up and chat with PWL commissioner Chris Gallaway I discussed the tournament some more. We talked about a lot of details and what the event should be like. I found out that he’s a man of high expectations and intends to see this event through. He and WSEM commissioner Carl Coffee have been trying to hammer out the details for the NWLA Tournament that will take place in central Ohio the weekend of July 14-15. If you’ve followed the event on facebook you might have noticed that Gallaway recently added some details about the event. The tournament will be yellow bat only and fast pitch with the mount approx. 45 feet away from plate. Tournament was originally going to be the same location as the London Wiffleball Tournament but now plans seem to being put into motion to have the tournament in or around Columbus, Ohio. PWL promises to secure hotel accommodations and food for all teams involved. Teams involved must belong to a league in the NWLA. More information is expected to surface on the event site soon but if you have any questions you can contact Chris Gallaway at chris@fieldworks.com

5 Things That Happened Over The Weekend

So WiffleATL, CCWA, and PWL started their seasons over the weekend. But what else happened? Well, a lot. We are entering a time of year for wiffleball when everything accelerates, a time-frame for the game that I like to refer to as ‘budding‘. One minute you have a handle on things on all that is going on in the wiffle world (or at least think you do) and then the next minute you’re totally lost. Leagues pop up that you’ve never heard of. Tournaments set dates. Rankings come out. Articles spring up everywhere like dandelions. A normal day for you becomes some league’s opening day for the season. Before you know it almost every league is in full swing. When I started this blog around 14 months ago I first noticed this phenomenon. I stayed on top of things pretty well and then all of a sudden I could not keep up with all that was going on. It was during this time I realized just how big this sport really has become and was in awe of it’s vastness. But enough chit-chat let’s get you caught up on what happened this past weekend. Here we go!…

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That Other League in Michigan

We all know about the popular league up in Kalamazoo. The Kalamazoo Wiffle League has been one of the premier wiffleball leagues in the nation for some time now. But there is another league — in the very same state as the famed KWL — that is really intriguing wiffleball fans around the country.

Wiffleball in Southeast Michigan (WSEM) is a league name most weren’t familiar with a year or two ago. But recently, and this upcoming year especially, I believe they’ll be turning many more heads. After fielding a very successful first year, highlighted by the WSEM champions, Git r’ Done, finishing as the #5 ranked team in the NWLA Final Rankings for 2011. Git r’ Done was surrounded in the final rankings by notable powerhouses such as CCWA’s (#4) Eastside Expos, PWL’s (#6) Blandsford Barnburners, and KWL’s (#3) Belly Itchers. Their 2nd season should produce a huge leap in success and the year may catapult WSEM up with the nation’s elite NWLA leagues.

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