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U.S. Government Shut Down Affects Potomac Wiffleball League

The Potomac Wiffl64852_10151336747155073_2107646425_ne League is presently in the midst of their summer season playoffs but the pressure has not only been on the teams striving to get to the top but on the league’s commissioner, Chris Gallaway, to maintain a place for them to play. “We’ve actually had a scare [like this] once but it was averted,” Galloway commented. The PWL normally plays at Gravelly Point Park in the George Washington Memorial Parkway National Park but due to the U.S. Government shutdown that began October 1, all national parks have been closed and effectively putting Galloway, and his league, in a jam. “Now…it’s not like there is a gate [to the park] or anything, it’s a wide open area. But, legally, it’s closed, and they’d kick us off, and probably never give us a permit again if we played there during the shut down.”

“We were REALLY close to being done with the season,” Galloway admitted. But anyone who knows Chris Galloway knows that he is rarely caught off guard. “I knew this was a possibility, so I went ahead and booked a backup field, rented from the county of Arlington, Virginia not far from our fields.” The new facility they are playing at is a soccer complex that is similar to Soccer First in which the NWLA Tournament was played this year. An unforeseen perk to the move is that they have been able to play under the lights instead of relying completely on sunlight.

It’s easy to forget just how far the effects of the government shut down reaches. It’s been since 1995 since we last had a government shut down and it’s unclear just how long this present shut down will last. Could Galloway be forced to find a permanent new home for the PWL? Perhaps. This is a problem that could be facing many leagues if there is no resolution before spring.


NWLA Tournament Undergos Sea Change

It’s been a few months since the confirmation of the Inaugural NWLA Tournament was announced. However, not much has been mentioned about the event. When I went to Washington D.C. last weekend to meet up and chat with PWL commissioner Chris Gallaway I discussed the tournament some more. We talked about a lot of details and what the event should be like. I found out that he’s a man of high expectations and intends to see this event through. He and WSEM commissioner Carl Coffee have been trying to hammer out the details for the NWLA Tournament that will take place in central Ohio the weekend of July 14-15. If you’ve followed the event on facebook you might have noticed that Gallaway recently added some details about the event. The tournament will be yellow bat only and fast pitch with the mount approx. 45 feet away from plate. Tournament was originally going to be the same location as the London Wiffleball Tournament but now plans seem to being put into motion to have the tournament in or around Columbus, Ohio. PWL promises to secure hotel accommodations and food for all teams involved. Teams involved must belong to a league in the NWLA. More information is expected to surface on the event site soon but if you have any questions you can contact Chris Gallaway at chris@fieldworks.com

Opening Weekend

Three leagues will be kicking off their 2012 season this weekend. WiffleATL begins their season today while the Potomac Wiffleball League and Columbia Cowlitz Wiffleball Association kick things off tomorrow afternoon. These three leagues have been a while for quite sometime and are among the most solid in the country. WiffleATL looks stronger than ever and hope to have a noticeably better season than they have in the recent past. A new (and more basic) website shows some promise of featuring more up-to-date content and lets not forget they actually expanded to 8 teams this year. CCWA has been updating their blog, Holey Balls, like crazy lately which gives us more insight as to what to expect from them in 2012. The Mid-Atlantic giants known as the PWL are busting out this year with 20 teams, making them one of the largest leagues in the country. It is for this reason that I am surprised we don’t hear about them more often. Their website may have the most content of any league out there and is run by one of the most committed commissioners in the game.  The editor of this magazine and blog, Josh Smith, will be visiting Washington D.C. to see what is going on with the Potomac Wiffleball League next weekend. He’s bringing a camera, video camera, and a notepad. Prepare for some articles and videos in the near future.