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Wiffleboy On The Mend From MCL Injury

This morning Sean Steffy, better known as “Wiffleboy,” made a post on his facebook page letting followers know that he had “a common injury that is side effect of my lifelong obsession with throwing things.” He noted that during the 2012 season he noticed “a distinct difference in my arm” and that it never “healed and rebounded the way it always had before.” He visited a specialist in April 2013 that confirmed he had torn his MCL ligament in his right elbow. He says the experienced has “humbled me athletically” but he has not let it get the best of him.” He sees a silver lining in the situation saying that he now has an “opportunity to learn and prepare for the next big outing. Not to mention that I’ll come back throwing even harder in about a years time. Muhaha!” 

Now some of you may be thinking ‘Hey, why did this guy played during the 2013 season if he needed Tommy John surgery?’ Valid question. Steffy admits that he could have not played in the 2013 season but instead decided to continue playing to try to “help my GSWL fast pitch team reach the #2 regular season ranking as well as finish second at nationals. ” But it appears that Steffy has already had the surgery judging by the picture he included of his wrapped up arm along with the post. He still does not show any signs of slowing down for 2014 as he plans to continue providing advice for aspiring wiffleball pitchers across the country through his website and youtube channel.


Crazy Pitch Thrown by Joe Walters (GSWL – PA region)

Check out this cool video sent to us from Chris Scipione. There are some amazing pitchers out there with some impressive techniques but it’s not every day that you see an pitch like the one thrown by Joe Walters.


One of our readers and contributors, Scott Martell (founder of Wiff Junkies) emailed us a video he put together recently from some games for the Fast Pitch MA Region. In this video we see the expected high competitiveness but also some carefree joking and fooling around. This video does a great job of capturing the fun-loving nature of a lot of GSWL players, giving us a deeper look into the real world of Golden Stick.


Let’s see what’s new with Golden Stick… To be honest Golden Stick videos can be a little long with over-the-top songs but this video seems to be just right. The song was not over-bearing (a rarity in wiffle-related videos) and there were a variety of angles.