The Official Wiffle® Ball
This is the real site of the Wiffle Ball company that makes the product we all love so much.

National Wiffleball League Association
The NWLA ranks teams from leagues across the nation and has great articles and a lively message board.

Golden Stick Wiffleball
There is little debate that this organization has some of the sport’s finest competitors. If you want the major league experience – you get with these guys.

Wiffle Logos Resource
Brandon Corbett has built a fantastic database for wiffle logos from the past to present.

Wiff Junkies
Golden Stick’s Scott Martell has established a fantastic GSWL focused magazine that many will find interesting.

A fantastic alternative to using an actual Wiffle®Ball.

Junk Ball®
Perhaps the curviest ball to be produced since the Wiffle®Ball. Great selection of bats too.


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