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Wiffler’s Digest has sorted America’s leagues into locations. Now you can find a league nearest you!

[ no known leagues as of yet ]


[ no known leagues as of yet ]


[ no known leagues as of yet ]

Arkansas Wiffleball League – West Memphis, AR

Southern California Wiffleball League – So Cal
Wiff Masters – Saratoga, CA
Beach Wiffleball Association – Hermosa Beach, CA
Stallions Wiffle Ball League – Madera, CA

La Entrada Alumni Wiffle Ball League – Menlo Park, CA
La Crescenta Wiffleball League

WAHPISS – Stafford Springs, CT
[ no known leagues as of yet ]

Florida Wiffleball League – 
South Florida Wiffle Ball League – Tamiami, FL

WiffleATL – Atlanta, GA
Wiffle Dixie – Atlanta, GA
Professional Wiffle Ball Assoc. – Canton, GA
[ no known leagues as of yet ]
 [ no known leagues as of yet ]
Windy City Wiffleball – Steger, IL
Suburban Chicago Wiffleball League – Chicago, IL
Backyard Wiffleball League – Arlington Heights, IL
National Wiffleball League – Wood River, IL

Newark Wiffle Ball League – Newark, IL
Villa Park Blitzball League – Villa Park, IL
Shangri La’ Wiffleball – Oakwood, IL

Oak Lawn Wiffleball League – Oak Lawn, IL
Alex and Kade’s Wiffleball Association – Saint Charles, IL
East Central Wiffleball – Paxton, IL
Illinois Wiffleball League – Bolingbrok, IL


Griffle Ball – Highland, IN
Jefferson County Wiffle Association – Madison, IN
Southside Wiffleball – Indianapolis, IN

[ no known leagues as of yet ]

[ no known leagues as of yet ]

KY Wiffle – 50 miles north of Lexington, KY

[ no known leagues as of yet ]

 [ no known leagues as of yet ]

[ no known leagues as of yet ]

Western Massachusetts Wiffle Assoc. – Feeding Mills, MA
Berkshire Wiffleball Association – Great Barrington, MA
Haverhill Wiffleball League – Haverhill, MA
Middleboro Wiffleball League – Middleboro, MA

Black Top Wiffleball League – Auburn, MA
Nawn’s Lawn Wiffleball League – Auburn, MA
Silver Lake Wiffleball League – Athol, MA
Kendall Road Wiffleball League – Tewksbury, MA
Pinehurst Wiffleball League – Auburn, MA
Greater Auburn Slow-pitch Wiffleball League – Auburn, MA

 Kalamazoo Wiffleball League – Kalamazoo, MI
Wiffle in Southeast Michigan – Romulus, MI
MLW Schultz Field – Brighton, MI
Ultimate Stick Wiffleball League – Bedford, MI
Whiteford Wiffleball Association – Whiteford, MI
HRL : Twin Cities – St. Paul/Minneapolis, MN
Sun Valley Wiffleball League – Holmes City, MN
Corinth Wiffleball League – Corinth, MS
Corinth Blitzball League – Cointh, MS
Mississippi Yard Wiffleball League – Corinth/Farmington, MS
 CoMo Wiffleball League – Columbia, MO
Willwood Park Wiffleball – St. Louis, MO
Skibbe Wiffleball League – St. Louis, MO
Jackson Wiffleball League – Jackson, MO
Bassett Woods Wiffle Ball – St. Louis, MO
Wiffle Fest or Bust – St. Charles, MO
[ no known leagues as of yet ]
[ no known leagues as of yet ]
[ no known leagues as of yet ]
New Hampshire
[ no known leagues as of yet ]
New Jersey
National Wiffleball League – Woodland Park, NJ
Oak Shade Stadium Wiffleball – Southern NJ
Thicksticks Wiffleball League – Yardville, NJ
New Jersey Wiffleball Association – Trenton, NJ
Tobbit Field Wiffleball – Manfield, NJ
Paramus Wiffleball – West Brook Stadium, NJ

New Mexico
[ no known leagues as of yet ]

New York
Hess Field Wiffle Ball – Scotia, NY
Palisades WBL – Palisades, NY
Ontario County Wiffleball Accociation – Farmington, NY
Hudson Valley WBL – Milton, NY
Oyster Bay Wiffle Ball League – Oyster Bay, NY
Wiffle Rochester – Rochester, NY
Parson’s Summer Wiffleball League – Parsons, NY
Liverpool Wiffleball League – Liverpool, NY
Washburn Wiffleball League – Caledonia
, NY
NRWBL – Stony Point, NY
West Babylon Wiffleball League – West Babylon, NY
Colonie Wiffleball League – Colonie, NY
New York Wiffleball League – Albany, NY
Has Been’s Wiffleball League – Malone, NY
Tri-Town Wiffle – Elma, NY
Oatka Wiffle League – Mumford, NY
Pennywrinkle Wiffle Association – Mumford, NY
North Carolina
Winston-Salem Wiffleball League – Winston-Salem, NC
 North Carolina Wiffle Ball League – Landis, NC
Piedmont Wiffleball – Kings Mountain, NC
LNWL – Mooresville, NC
Chapel Hill Wiffleball League – Chapel Hill, NC

North Dakota
[ no known leagues as of yet ]
H-Town Wiffleball – Hillard, OH
SAHD Wiffle – Akron, OH
Central Ohio Wiffleball League – Chillicothe, OH
Cincinnati Wiffleball Club – Cincinnati, OH

Columbia Cowlitz Wiffleball Association (South Division)Portland, OR

PA Wiffs – Stevens, PA
Cherry Lane Wiffleball League – Eastern PA
Backyard Wiffle Ball League – Wilkes-Barre, PA
League of Extraordinary Wifflers – Philadelphia, PA
Modrovsky Park Wiffleball – Mountain Top, PA
Chapel Hill Wiffleball League – Pittsburgh, PA
Langhorne Wiffleball Association – Philadelphia, PA
Scranton Wiffle Ball League – Scranton, PA
Easton Wiffleball League – Easton, PA
Ellsworth Wiffleball League – Pittsburgh, PA
Rhode Island 
Tenda Wiffleball League – North Kingstown, RI
Big Bend Wiffle Ball – Pawtucket, RI
South Carolina

[ no known leagues as of yet ]

South Dakota
 Tennesse Wiffleball League – Harriman/Oakdale, TN

South Side Wiffle Ball League – South Side, TX
LakeSide Wiffleball Association – Ft. Worth, TX


[ no known leagues as of yet ]

 Columbia Cowlitz Wiffleball Association (North Division)Kelso/Longview, WA
Seattle Wiffleball Association – Seattle, WA
Sammamish Wiffleball League – Sammamish, WA
South Kitsap Wiffle League – Port Orchard, WA
Washington D.C.
 Potomac Wiffleball League – Washington, D.C.

West Virginia
Garrett Drive Wiffleball League – Hurricane, WV
Timmerman Yards Wiffleball League – Parkersburg, WV
Huntington Wiffle League – Huntington, WV

New Berlin Wiffleball League – New Berlin, WI
Milwaukee Wiffle – Milwaukee, WI

[ no known league as of yet]
Dominican Republic
Dominican Wiffleball – somewhere in the D.R.
Crofton Wiffleball League – Crofton, British Columbia 

7 responses to “Leagues

  1. Westmoreland wifle classic, Huntington WV

  2. Added it to the Tournament Tracker.

  3. South Kitsap Wiffle League in Port Orchard, WA. Find us on facebook.

  4. Jeff, your league has been added.

  5. M.C. Wiffle Monmouth County, Nj find us on twitter and instagram

  6. New site for Southside Wiffleball in Indianapolis, IN.
    League Name: Indy Southside Wiffle Ball (ISWB)

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