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  1. Nicholas Jackson

    Where is the closest fields and tournaments near Wahington D.C. For Big League Wiffle Ball? I was directed here to you by Nick Benas

  2. Nicholas Jackson

    I di know about it,but I was looking for a league of any age. Nick said that big league is any age.

  3. Oh, well then there is nothing in the area. Big League Wiffleball has no affiliates in the D.C. area that I am aware of and I have found no tournaments or leagues outside of Potomac Wiffleball League (PWL). The PWL are not hosting any tournaments in D.C. this year either. I did a search for leagues in Virginia but found nothing. Keep your eyes peeled though. Do a bing search every now and then or get a league or tournament started on your own. You’d be surprised how many people will want to play.

  4. Nicholas Jackson

    Ok I thank you very much for taking time out of your day to search that for me. Thanks for the help.

  5. Nicholas Jackson

    What would be the easiest thing to do first when starting a Wiffleball league?

    • Nothing easy about starting a wiffleball league. Takes some hard work and dedication to be a good league. Start out with getting the equipment you need: bat balls, bases, strike zone, and a fence/boundary of some time for home runs. You can set the field at a 90 degree angle (like it is in baseball) or at a sharper angle. Figure out which rules you are going to use. Here is the link to the official rules by Wiffle Inc.:

      Another great site to check out is the New Jersey Wiffleball Association ( You can find out a lot about rules and equipment there. Also check out the National Wiffleball League Association ( and Golden Stick ( to see what leagues do so you can get ideas. If you are expecting a handbook on starting a league here then you’ve struck out. It’s all trial and error and observation has shown that adult leagues are more likely to grown than leagues comprised of children. I’m not sure how old you are but that fact is something to keep in mind.

      But like I said. Get the supplies you need – first. Next find a place to play. It can be your back yard or at the park or something. Find a scoresheet format to use for keeping score and stats during games. You can find Rawlings scoresheet note books at pretty much any major retailer (Dicks, K-Mart, Walmart, etc). Take a picture every now and again so that you can document your games in some way. The most important thing to do once you’ve already done all that is to get a website up. If you’re not very tech-savvy then you can use free and easy to use sites such as Here’s an example of a good league that uses League Lineup ( When you have teams set and get your league going get with the National Wiffleball League Association and Wiffler’s Digest and you’ll be put on the map. If you have any good teams they will be nationally ranked.

  6. Nicholas Jackson

    Thank You

  7. Are there any wiffle ball leagues or tournaments in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan?

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