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NWLA Fantasy Tournament Is Underway

The National Wiffleball League Association continues its post-season tradition of holding a fantasy tournament involving the top teams from the nation’s recreational leagues. The tournament has grown to encompass two brackets for large leagues, two brackets for small leagues, and two brackets for the worst teams in the country (known as the Dangerfield Tournament). Winners of each round are declared after a voluntary panel votes each week. The panel consists mainly of league commissioners and columnists from the site. The reception of this tournament among the NWLA community is mostly positive although some may question the point of the fantasy-style tournament since the inaugural real-life NWLA Tournament took place last June in Columbus, Ohio. Many may hope that the actual tournament will grow so that we all can see for ourselves who would win in a match-up between two teams from separate leagues. Perhaps the tournament may never reach such a grand scale and if that indeed becomes the case then this fantasy tournament will continue to be a fun game of ‘what if’ for those involved in the voting.


“Wiffleball Capital of Ohio”

Somewhere in the incredibly tiny village of Wren, Ohio there is a tournament that has been ongoing for over two decades. It’s an event that the town looks forward to every summer. It’s part of the town’s homecoming festival and as many as 1,000 spectators come out to view a game. It’s the toast of the town and has the reputation of being one of the most well-known wiffleball tournaments in the Midwest so much so that locals have dubbed it the “wiffleball capital of Ohio.” All proceeds raised by the tournament go to the local ball park association that maintains youth baseball and softball fields.

NWLA Tournament Less Than 3 Weeks Away

After months of meticulous planning the Inaugural NWLA Tournament will take place beginning Saturday night – July 14, 2012 after the 14th Annual London Wiffleball Tournament wraps things up. Chris Gallway has nurtured the project from idea into reality along with the help of WSEM and the KWL. Recently 8 teams from 8 different leagues have arranged to be at the tournament. The leagues included are: Wiffle in Southeast Michigan, Potomac Wiffleball League, Kalamazoo Wiffleball League, Ontario County Wiffle Association, Washburn Wiffle League, Skibbe Wiffleball League, Tampa Bay Wiffle, & Griffleball. Skeptical as to how these leagues will perform against one another? You’re not the only one. The latest WSEM podcast episode did a fantastic job picking at the possible troubles certain leagues may experience at the tournament. The tournament will be very exciting and fun nonetheless. Want to go but can’t? No worries. Wiffler’s Digest will be there filming and photographing the whole time so you’ll see what we see. Carl Coffee and Brandon Corbett are planning on doing a special episode of the WSEM podcast at the hotel in Columbus…maybe they have room for another host on that episode?

Let’s not forget that the London Wiffleball Tournament is also happening that weekend! This year’s tournament looks to be bigger than it was the year before. 71 teams have signed up for the event and it will lead to madness, no doubt. The London Tournament has proven to be a fantastic haven for wiffleball players in the Midwest and should be on the destination list of every wiffleball player. After the tournament wraps up in the evening all teams that are participating in both the London Tournament and the NWLA Touranment will immediately leave for Columbus to begin pool play for seeding for the NWLA Tournament. Pool play may last until midnight. The location of the fields in Columbus is conveniently located directly across the street from the hotel that participating teams will be staying at. The NWLA Tournament has the potential to grow into a huge national even if all goes well the weekend of July 14-15. We will see you there!

For more information about the NWLA Tournament visit their website at or visit their facebook page and ask questions!

The Big Wiff

Pat “Truck” Moriarty, HRL:TC commissioner, has been hinting to the entire wiffle community that he has something major in the works. Well now we know what it is. Recently a member from the league let the cat out of the bag on the NWLA messageboard. The event is called the Big Wiff and it will take place in 10 cities across Minnesota on August 18. The winners from each location meet on the following day (Sunday, August 19) in Blaine, MN. The tournament will benefit all 9 of Minnesota’s Miracle Leagues, which offer kids with mental/physical disabilities the opportunity to play baseball. Add this tournament to the growing list of great causes that the sport of wiffleball helps generate money for. The tagline for the tournament seems to be “[The] World’s Largest Wiffle Ball Tournament” and if registration is packed for each of the 10 locations it might very well be the largest tournament in the world. If this becomes an annual event it will surely become one of the highlights of the year for the sport and possibly a new mecca for fans of the game. The tournament has 5 major sponsors as of now and will have a creative uniform contest, mascot game, and teams that gather the most pledges for support win a prize. More on this event as details emerge…

Wifflin’ for Wishes 2012 Date Announced

Since Pat “Truck” Moriarty has returned to being commissioner  people have been excited to see what will happen with HRL: Twin Cities. But what a lot of people have over-looked is his work with his charity tournament, Wifflin’ for Wishes, that donates proceeds to the Minnesota Make-a-Wish Foundation that he’s been running since 2005. There have been hints from him and other members of the HRL on the NWLA message board that this year’s tournament could be extra special. We still don’t know what all will be happening but what we do know is the date: June 9, 2012. Mark your calendars. More details on this tournament as they come in.