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WWL Struggles with Football Scores

Washburn Wiffleball League has made some fantastic adjustments in 2012. They have a new website, new look, and better organization. Overall, this league looks to be making great strides in becoming one of those smaller leagues that a lot of people keep up with (ex: NWBL). Their Opening Day video is great and is accompanied by decent commentary. The only problem to be spotted was the incredibly lop-sided scores. The final score of the last game in the video was 31-2. A score like that should never happen…in any league. The WWL really needs to look at their rulebook and see if there is anything they can do to help out the defense. A lot of league’s have rules where fielders can throw the ball to the pitcher or strikezone before the runner reaches base to get the out. Many will look at the football scores and possibly question the league’s credibility. Outsider judgement aside, the league should do something about the scores, create a 10-run mercy rule or something.