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Wiffleboy On The Mend From MCL Injury

This morning Sean Steffy, better known as “Wiffleboy,” made a post on his facebook page letting followers know that he had “a common injury that is side effect of my lifelong obsession with throwing things.” He noted that during the 2012 season he noticed “a distinct difference in my arm” and that it never “healed and rebounded the way it always had before.” He visited a specialist in April 2013 that confirmed he had torn his MCL ligament in his right elbow. He says the experienced has “humbled me athletically” but he has not let it get the best of him.” He sees a silver lining in the situation saying that he now has an “opportunity to learn and prepare for the next big outing. Not to mention that I’ll come back throwing even harder in about a years time. Muhaha!” 

Now some of you may be thinking ‘Hey, why did this guy played during the 2013 season if he needed Tommy John surgery?’ Valid question. Steffy admits that he could have not played in the 2013 season but instead decided to continue playing to try to “help my GSWL fast pitch team reach the #2 regular season ranking as well as finish second at nationals. ” But it appears that Steffy has already had the surgery judging by the picture he included of his wrapped up arm along with the post. He still does not show any signs of slowing down for 2014 as he plans to continue providing advice for aspiring wiffleball pitchers across the country through his website and youtube channel.


U.S. Government Shut Down Affects Potomac Wiffleball League

The Potomac Wiffl64852_10151336747155073_2107646425_ne League is presently in the midst of their summer season playoffs but the pressure has not only been on the teams striving to get to the top but on the league’s commissioner, Chris Gallaway, to maintain a place for them to play. “We’ve actually had a scare [like this] once but it was averted,” Galloway commented. The PWL normally plays at Gravelly Point Park in the George Washington Memorial Parkway National Park but due to the U.S. Government shutdown that began October 1, all national parks have been closed and effectively putting Galloway, and his league, in a jam. “Now…it’s not like there is a gate [to the park] or anything, it’s a wide open area. But, legally, it’s closed, and they’d kick us off, and probably never give us a permit again if we played there during the shut down.”

“We were REALLY close to being done with the season,” Galloway admitted. But anyone who knows Chris Galloway knows that he is rarely caught off guard. “I knew this was a possibility, so I went ahead and booked a backup field, rented from the county of Arlington, Virginia not far from our fields.” The new facility they are playing at is a soccer complex that is similar to Soccer First in which the NWLA Tournament was played this year. An unforeseen perk to the move is that they have been able to play under the lights instead of relying completely on sunlight.

It’s easy to forget just how far the effects of the government shut down reaches. It’s been since 1995 since we last had a government shut down and it’s unclear just how long this present shut down will last. Could Galloway be forced to find a permanent new home for the PWL? Perhaps. This is a problem that could be facing many leagues if there is no resolution before spring.

Jan/Feb 2013 Issue of Magazine READY!

After months of waiting, the wait is finally over. The forthcoming issue of the Wiffler’s Digest magazine is finally ready for the eyes of the readers. This issue is the first not published by Mason Everett and lacks that familiar clarity but is still an issue busting with a lot of good content. The issue will be re-released soon in a booklet format so readers can print out the issue front-and-back and have a hard copy version of this issue. This is the first time we’ll be having that feature. Also, the full hour-long interview with Chris Gallaway will be uploaded onto our Youtube channel soon as well. We’ll keep you posted.

Sean Steffy – Published Author

Sean “Wiffleboy” Steffy amazes once again with the announcement that he is now a published author. But don’t be looking for locations for book signings quite yet. It’s a Kindle release only (so far) and is only about 17 pages long. It’s uncertain if that’s a good length for a pitching program book but this is wiffleball so it’s not exactly deserving of Oxford thickness. Still this is a huge addition Steffy has contributed to the sport and for only $4.99 you can get it for your Kindle. Many will probably debate the effectiveness this book will have on aspiring pitchers. It does make one wonder if this program would have been more effective if it were an in-depth video series program to SHOW how to become a better pitcher so that you can win more games. In any event it’s a huge step for the man known as Wiffleboy28 and this product shows just how he has cemented his place in the sport for superior pitching and advice.

The Big Wiff

Pat “Truck” Moriarty, HRL:TC commissioner, has been hinting to the entire wiffle community that he has something major in the works. Well now we know what it is. Recently a member from the league let the cat out of the bag on the NWLA messageboard. The event is called the Big Wiff and it will take place in 10 cities across Minnesota on August 18. The winners from each location meet on the following day (Sunday, August 19) in Blaine, MN. The tournament will benefit all 9 of Minnesota’s Miracle Leagues, which offer kids with mental/physical disabilities the opportunity to play baseball. Add this tournament to the growing list of great causes that the sport of wiffleball helps generate money for. The tagline for the tournament seems to be “[The] World’s Largest Wiffle Ball Tournament” and if registration is packed for each of the 10 locations it might very well be the largest tournament in the world. If this becomes an annual event it will surely become one of the highlights of the year for the sport and possibly a new mecca for fans of the game. The tournament has 5 major sponsors as of now and will have a creative uniform contest, mascot game, and teams that gather the most pledges for support win a prize. More on this event as details emerge…

NWLA Tournament Undergos Sea Change

It’s been a few months since the confirmation of the Inaugural NWLA Tournament was announced. However, not much has been mentioned about the event. When I went to Washington D.C. last weekend to meet up and chat with PWL commissioner Chris Gallaway I discussed the tournament some more. We talked about a lot of details and what the event should be like. I found out that he’s a man of high expectations and intends to see this event through. He and WSEM commissioner Carl Coffee have been trying to hammer out the details for the NWLA Tournament that will take place in central Ohio the weekend of July 14-15. If you’ve followed the event on facebook you might have noticed that Gallaway recently added some details about the event. The tournament will be yellow bat only and fast pitch with the mount approx. 45 feet away from plate. Tournament was originally going to be the same location as the London Wiffleball Tournament but now plans seem to being put into motion to have the tournament in or around Columbus, Ohio. PWL promises to secure hotel accommodations and food for all teams involved. Teams involved must belong to a league in the NWLA. More information is expected to surface on the event site soon but if you have any questions you can contact Chris Gallaway at

New Issue of the Magazine is Ready!

Some of you may have thought that they day was never going to come but here it is…the new issue of the Wiffler’s Digest magazine. Originally supposed to be released as the Jan/Feb issue things…happened, and the issue was delayed. It features 13 articles, relevant ads, colorful images, and is over 60 pages long. It’s printer-friendly too! Fits onto 8.5” x 11” sheet of paper. It isn’t booklet printer friendly yet. That version should be ready sometime next week. A lot of hard work went into this issue and we think the wait was worth it and hopefully you will think so too. Mason Everett did a great job with the format and Brandon Corbett, Brian Meyers, and Joey Kahler did an amazing job with imagery and design. Special thanks to all the writers and Matt Riegler for editing/proof-reading. Now lets enjoy the fruits of our labor and read this thing!