Q: Who runs the Wiffler’s Digest blog?
A: Good question. His name is Josh Smith. He ran the a small league in WV for about 10 years but his main claim to fame is being the head columnist for the National Wiffleball League Association and starting this very blog. 

Q: Why start a wiffleball news blog?
A: Why not? There are close to 100 known wiffleball leagues, and nearly as many tournaments, in the United States and beyond. There needs to be a source where curious players can find out what’s going on outside their league…that’s where we come in.

Q: I see you have the magazine available in images in a Picasa album but can I get it in higher quality?
A: Went right to the FAQ section without exploring the site, have we? Fine. Send an email to wifflersdigest@gmail.com with the word ‘subscribe’ in the subject and tell us you want the magazine and you’ll be added to the mailing list. We send the magazine out in an attachment in a .pdf file, so if you have Adobe you will receive the full quality experience of the magazine. You will also receive any newsletters and/or updates.

Q: How can I get my league or tournament on your League Tracker or Tournament Tracker page(s)?
A: You just email us and ask us to hook you up. Be sure to include all the necessary information such as the name of your league or tournament, date of tournament, a website url (can be a facebook page or legitimate website), city/state, and location of the tournament. Without this information it would be useless to post it on either tracker. So if you’re shy about people knowing the city/state your league resides, then don’t bother. The purpose of the two trackers is to help individuals find the nearest league or tournament to participate in.

Q: Can I pay you money to send me a hardcopy of the magazine?
A: No. In order to keep the magazine 100% we must keep it contained to online. Besides Wiffle Inc. would surely have a field day suing us if we ever went that route. BUT you might be happy to discover that beginning with the Jan/Feb 2011 issue the format of that magazine will fit onto a 8.5” x 11” sheet of paper, making it printer friendly to almost all of our readers. So if you have a printer and ink you will be able to obtain a hardcopy of the magazine free of charge. Pretty rad right?

Q: I visit your blog nearly everyday and have subscribed to the magazine but I still want more. What else is there?
A: Well we are on Facebook and Twitter. Hit us up and follow along. We have a Youtube channel as well, not much there as of yet but we have a bunch of video to edit from the 2011 London Wiffleball Tournament that will make it to the web eventually. We plan on going back to London in 2012 as well so there will be even more video.

Q: I might want to write an article for the magazine. What do I need to do?
A: Good to hear. First, you need to be literate. Second, you need to turn in your article by the assigned deadline. Finally, you must be willing to make an occasional revision of your work. We edit articles before sending them off for publication so if you are the type that takes two months to write a first draft…you might want to step it up a notch.

Q: You guys cover mostly backyard leagues…what’s up with that?
A: Fair assessment. We only seem to only update occasionally on leagues like Palisades and GSWL because there are so many backyard leagues to follow. It’s a matter of perception. BUT we are taking steps to make the magazine about more than just backyard leagues. Scott Martell of GSWL, and editor of Wiff Junkies, will be writing for us from time to time for the magazine. 


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