WSEM Hosts Costumed Halloween Game

Wiffle in Southeast Michigan recently held a unique event. While the impending doom of Hurricane Sandy about to pound the Mid-Atlantic/Northeast coast, a handful of the WSEM’s players donned costumes and played a few innings one of their fields – The Swamp (home of the Thunder Ducks). This marks the first of what some of us hope to be an annual event from WSEM. No video has surfaced from the game but nearly two dozen pictures have. Here are just a few:

The rest of the images can be viewed on WSEM’s Picase web album page. Enjoy and Happy Halloween everyone!


2 responses to “WSEM Hosts Costumed Halloween Game

  1. ❤ the love. We finally got the video up – Words to entice other than costumes: racquets, loco, lob-pitch, and steals!

  2. Ixnay on the above link – it had problems. Apologies, but here’s video from Hallo-Wiffle:

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