Monthly Archives: October 2012

WSEM Hosts Costumed Halloween Game

Wiffle in Southeast Michigan recently held a unique event. While the impending doom of Hurricane Sandy about to pound the Mid-Atlantic/Northeast coast, a handful of the WSEM’s players donned costumes and played a few innings one of their fields – The Swamp (home of the Thunder Ducks). This marks the first of what some of us hope to be an annual event from WSEM. No video has surfaced from the game but nearly two dozen pictures have. Here are just a few:

The rest of the images can be viewed on WSEM’s Picase web album page. Enjoy and Happy Halloween everyone!


Wiffle Ball Makes Appearance in New Movie

Those familiar with off-beat comedians Tim & Eric may be aware that they have a feature film coming out called ‘The Comedy’. Judging by the premise and previews it appears to be a hipster movie with ridiculous clothes and even more horrendous eye-wear. Aside from that fact a clip of the movie has leaked in which they play a game that’s even more vintage than their clothing – wiffle ball. The scene does not appear to be long but could have an impact on the sport nonetheless. The movie will only be playing in select theaters nationwide beginning November 9. So big cities and college towns across the nation may get a sudden urge to pick up the yellow stick and play a few innings, chances are they will be wearing skinny jeans.

Commack Wiffleball League

A new league has sprung up in an undisclosed location. They appear to be 9th or 10th graders playing slow-pitch wiffleball. The backstop, pitching carpet, and strike zone are a nice start but what else does this league have going on. We’ve reached out to them and are awaiting a reply to find out more. If you know anything about this league email us.

NWLA Fantasy Tournament Is Underway

The National Wiffleball League Association continues its post-season tradition of holding a fantasy tournament involving the top teams from the nation’s recreational leagues. The tournament has grown to encompass two brackets for large leagues, two brackets for small leagues, and two brackets for the worst teams in the country (known as the Dangerfield Tournament). Winners of each round are declared after a voluntary panel votes each week. The panel consists mainly of league commissioners and columnists from the site. The reception of this tournament among the NWLA community is mostly positive although some may question the point of the fantasy-style tournament since the inaugural real-life NWLA Tournament took place last June in Columbus, Ohio. Many may hope that the actual tournament will grow so that we all can see for ourselves who would win in a match-up between two teams from separate leagues. Perhaps the tournament may never reach such a grand scale and if that indeed becomes the case then this fantasy tournament will continue to be a fun game of ‘what if’ for those involved in the voting.