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Another Group Breaks World Record

Well it’s happened again. Another group of people in the New England area have set a brand new world record for the longest wiffleball game. You may remember a couple of stories on here last summer about the world record. Last year a group of kids in Tewksbury played for 32 hours but did not get the official recognition of Guinness. A previous official World Record of 24 hours was still the longest wiffleball game until this past weekend when Robert DeAngelis and 7 of his friends decided to team up with Special Olympics of Connecticut to make this event happen in Norwich, CT. They played for 25 hours, 4 minutes, and 53 seconds. After 150 innings the final score between the two teams (Rutland Country Store Red and Rutland County Store Blue) was 334 to 251. What’s important to remember here is not only did they not play 25 continuous hours but they did it in the rain. Connecticut was covered with severe thunderstorms and the whole operation almost didn’t happen. They lucked out and only had rain to contend with. I wonder how many of them have pneumonia?

For more information: Wiffleball World Record Set in Norich from Hartford Courant


BWBL Moving Along With $10,000 Wiffleball Field

Ryan Hart, one of the players in the Backyard Wiffle Ball League of Wilkes-Barre (PA), sent one of our writers (Ryan Winfield) an update on the construction on their field. If you don’t know what we’re talking about then you may not remember that these guys were trying to win a grant from Pepsi when they were doing their Refresh Everything Grant. The grants were given to individuals who would use the money to benefit their communities. To determine who would win grants people had to vote online. BWBL won $10,000 this summer and they’ve wasted no time by beginning to build their field. They haven’t named the field yet but appear to be holding some sort of contest sometime in the near future to determine the name for it. Here is what Ryan Hart passed along to us in his email:

“Just shooting you an update.  We secured the lease to our field and have started construction.  Here’s a picture of the skeleton of the left field wall, which is 12 feet tall.  We’ve rented a 2-person auger and have been digging holes and putting up posts since Monday.  The plywood will be hung one we’re done, and then painted green.

We have dimensions down, too.  80 feet to left with 12 foot wall, 90 to left center, 120 to center, ~95 to right center and 90 to right.”