Sean Steffy – Published Author

Sean “Wiffleboy” Steffy amazes once again with the announcement that he is now a published author. But don’t be looking for locations for book signings quite yet. It’s a Kindle release only (so far) and is only about 17 pages long. It’s uncertain if that’s a good length for a pitching program book but this is wiffleball so it’s not exactly deserving of Oxford thickness. Still this is a huge addition Steffy has contributed to the sport and for only $4.99 you can get it for your Kindle. Many will probably debate the effectiveness this book will have on aspiring pitchers. It does make one wonder if this program would have been more effective if it were an in-depth video series program to SHOW how to become a better pitcher so that you can win more games. In any event it’s a huge step for the man known as Wiffleboy28 and this product shows just how he has cemented his place in the sport for superior pitching and advice.


One response to “Sean Steffy – Published Author

  1. Special thanks to WifflersDigest for the recognition. This e-book was initially designed to introduce rookie wiffleball players to the fundamentals of wiffle pitching (grips, arm angles, release points, etc).

    But “The WiffleBoy28 Pitching Program” goes far beyond instructional, it also features detailed tips on how to pitch around talented hitters. These tips of the trade are what make the e-book so unique and WELL worth the purchase.

    Expect more e-books in the future from me.

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