Monthly Archives: July 2012

Sean Steffy – Published Author

Sean “Wiffleboy” Steffy amazes once again with the announcement that he is now a published author. But don’t be looking for locations for book signings quite yet. It’s a Kindle release only (so far) and is only about 17 pages long. It’s uncertain if that’s a good length for a pitching program book but this is wiffleball so it’s not exactly deserving of Oxford thickness. Still this is a huge addition Steffy has contributed to the sport and for only $4.99 you can get it for your Kindle. Many will probably debate the effectiveness this book will have on aspiring pitchers. It does make one wonder if this program would have been more effective if it were an in-depth video series program to SHOW how to become a better pitcher so that you can win more games. In any event it’s a huge step for the man known as Wiffleboy28 and this product shows just how he has cemented his place in the sport for superior pitching and advice.


Now On Location in Columbus, Ohio

Greetings from the flat state of Ohio! We’re on location all weekend long to cover the London Wiffleball Tournament and the inaugural NWLA Tournament. If you’re going to either event feel free to come say hello at our “base of operations” or while we’re mingling snapping pictures and recording video. On the agenda for today is scoping out the site where both tournaments will be played and hopefully a one-on-one interview with Brian Wheeler. We’ve already visited the NWLA playing site and it’s impressive. Teams from each league are making their way to the Hampton Inn in Hillard now. If you want to be in the loop all weekend be sure to check in on our Twitter and Facebook pages frequently for updates and photos. Hoping to perform many interviews over the weekend. Those interested in stepping in front of the camera are welcome.

PWBPA To Be Released SOON

August 5th, 2012. That’s the date the Professional Wiffle Ball Players Association (PWBPA) Encyclopedia is set to be published by Big League Wiffleball’s Nick Benas. It’s been something he’s been working on for a couple of years and it’s finally about to be revealed to the rest of us. For the PWBPA Encyclopedia to be a truly useful tool everyone who can needs to REGISTER. Those of you who remember may remember that there was a ‘player tracker’ tool on the site that connected a lot of players. If the PWBPA database goes well it could be the first time since the ending of that the wiffleball community has a method for connecting with other players in their areas. If a lot of wiffleball players register then it could really reflect just how BIG the sport really is nationwide.