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NWLA Tournament Less Than 3 Weeks Away

After months of meticulous planning the Inaugural NWLA Tournament will take place beginning Saturday night – July 14, 2012 after the 14th Annual London Wiffleball Tournament wraps things up. Chris Gallway has nurtured the project from idea into reality along with the help of WSEM and the KWL. Recently 8 teams from 8 different leagues have arranged to be at the tournament. The leagues included are: Wiffle in Southeast Michigan, Potomac Wiffleball League, Kalamazoo Wiffleball League, Ontario County Wiffle Association, Washburn Wiffle League, Skibbe Wiffleball League, Tampa Bay Wiffle, & Griffleball. Skeptical as to how these leagues will perform against one another? You’re not the only one. The latest WSEM podcast episode did a fantastic job picking at the possible troubles certain leagues may experience at the tournament. The tournament will be very exciting and fun nonetheless. Want to go but can’t? No worries. Wiffler’s Digest will be there filming and photographing the whole time so you’ll see what we see. Carl Coffee and Brandon Corbett are planning on doing a special episode of the WSEM podcast at the hotel in Columbus…maybe they have room for another host on that episode?

Let’s not forget that the London Wiffleball Tournament is also happening that weekend! This year’s tournament looks to be bigger than it was the year before. 71 teams have signed up for the event and it will lead to madness, no doubt. The London Tournament has proven to be a fantastic haven for wiffleball players in the Midwest and should be on the destination list of every wiffleball player. After the tournament wraps up in the evening all teams that are participating in both the London Tournament and the NWLA Touranment will immediately leave for Columbus to begin pool play for seeding for the NWLA Tournament. Pool play may last until midnight. The location of the fields in Columbus is conveniently located directly across the street from the hotel that participating teams will be staying at. The NWLA Tournament has the potential to grow into a huge national even if all goes well the weekend of July 14-15. We will see you there!

For more information about the NWLA Tournament visit their website at or visit their facebook page and ask questions!


Crazy Pitch Thrown by Joe Walters (GSWL – PA region)

Check out this cool video sent to us from Chris Scipione. There are some amazing pitchers out there with some impressive techniques but it’s not every day that you see an pitch like the one thrown by Joe Walters.


One of our readers and contributors, Scott Martell (founder of Wiff Junkies) emailed us a video he put together recently from some games for the Fast Pitch MA Region. In this video we see the expected high competitiveness but also some carefree joking and fooling around. This video does a great job of capturing the fun-loving nature of a lot of GSWL players, giving us a deeper look into the real world of Golden Stick.

HRL Clips of the Week #4

Wiff Junkies Offers Pitching Tips

We have not heard from Scott Martell for quite some time. The Wiff Junkies site has been slowing down and there has not been a new issue for a couple of months. Just as it seemed that Martell was not doing anything he posts this informative video. Still no word on when there will be fresh new content on the Wiff Junkies website.


Let’s see what’s new with Golden Stick… To be honest Golden Stick videos can be a little long with over-the-top songs but this video seems to be just right. The song was not over-bearing (a rarity in wiffle-related videos) and there were a variety of angles.

Cut Throat Competition in Palisades WBL

The newest episode of Palisades WBL‘s This Month In Wiffleball is online! The competition is fierce this year and the standings are very close at the top. Still anyone’s year though. A champion will be crowned in September.