WTF is Back!

After four years the cherished Hess Field Wiffle Ball production, Wiffle Task Force (WTF) has returned. It is still unclear if they will be putting a video up for every week of regular season play but even if they upload an episode every month it could work. This video is definitely worth your time if you are into this league and like wiffle videos with commentary.


2 responses to “WTF is Back!

  1. Speaking of defunct wiffle commentary videos, I wish the Tampa League Wiffle would come back with their weekly productions as well..

  2. True that. It is believed that the guy who narrated those videos is no longer with that league. We have gathered that “Mucky Manzatti” was none-other than the league’s former commissioner Chris Rotolo. He stepped down in 2011 and since then there has been no videos. It’s a shame…those were some great videos.

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