Best Wiffle Video of 2012 So Far?

Jamie Francis of Crofton Wiffleball Association in Canada is quite handy with a camera. Recently he uploaded this video of a 3D still frame and it’s pretty impressive. Francis has actually been doing pretty well as commissioner considering this is the league’s first year. The league has seen plenty of twists and turns this year. They started out just as a few guys then expanded to six teams recently but things took an odd turn about a week and a half ago. Francis has had to “make decisions for the betterment of the league”. The decisions being to get rid of the Skididdlers and Smoke Stack due to their spotty attendance. Players remaining from those teams who still want to play have the opportunity to join up with the four existing teams (click HERE to read the commissioner’s address). Making a decision like that can kill a league or give it the stability it needs to finish a season. It looks as if the decision will have a positive outcome. The CWA has been through a lot in it’s incredibly short history and seeing that they are still around is a testament to the resilience of the commissioner and core players. They have a great thing going and hopefully they will be around for years to come. But back to the video, it may be one of the best wiffle videos posted this year. Sure, it’s no This Month In Wiffleball but it’s truly unique. No one else has posted a wiffleball video quite like it before.


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