The Big Wiff

Pat “Truck” Moriarty, HRL:TC commissioner, has been hinting to the entire wiffle community that he has something major in the works. Well now we know what it is. Recently a member from the league let the cat out of the bag on the NWLA messageboard. The event is called the Big Wiff and it will take place in 10 cities across Minnesota on August 18. The winners from each location meet on the following day (Sunday, August 19) in Blaine, MN. The tournament will benefit all 9 of Minnesota’s Miracle Leagues, which offer kids with mental/physical disabilities the opportunity to play baseball. Add this tournament to the growing list of great causes that the sport of wiffleball helps generate money for. The tagline for the tournament seems to be “[The] World’s Largest Wiffle Ball Tournament” and if registration is packed for each of the 10 locations it might very well be the largest tournament in the world. If this becomes an annual event it will surely become one of the highlights of the year for the sport and possibly a new mecca for fans of the game. The tournament has 5 major sponsors as of now and will have a creative uniform contest, mascot game, and teams that gather the most pledges for support win a prize. More on this event as details emerge…


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