HRL Twin Cities Enter Regular Season

HRL Twin Cities kicked off their regular season on Monday as teams from Eagan and Hopkins West played their first games. The Red Sox, as predicted, are off to a good start at 2-0. They were listed as number one on a preseason power rankings article on the site. Games will resume on Thursday and expect to see a lot of box scores and statistics. That is the one thing the league is known for now since it has all but faded from the national spotlight. With Truck back in the commissioner’s chair though, the spotlight could shine on the league once again. They have 20 teams and a 5-month season and there are whispers of what all this year’s Wifflin’ For Wishes will be like. The league still has a lot to offer despite it’s lack of fresh content on the site. But if you make the extra effort to join their messageboard and follow them on facebook – you can get more content. All that could change though if the league puts forth the effort. Everyone knows they have a lot of fun but because they rarely indulge us with an article it’s hard to say just how much fun they are having. If they change that and post more they could be the best league site in the country once more.


4 responses to “HRL Twin Cities Enter Regular Season

  1. Cunning Luinguist

    If anyone thinks for one second Truck doesn’t have something up his sleeve, you would be sorely mistaken.

  2. We are having fun. I’d say we have at least 12 amounts of fun per week on average.

  3. It probably knocks it down a few units actually. Apparently I’m a bit of an asshole.

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