Youngest League in The Country is at it Again

MLW Schultz Field is preparing for their 2012 season and have recently uploaded their season preview video. To be honest I don’t think many people pay any attention to these kids but this year might turn a few more heads. They actually have four teams now. Four is sort of a magic number if you want to call yourself a “league”. For a few years now they’ve been a league of two teams and they’ve been slow to grow. These kids play hard though. They’ve put a lot of effort into their videos and have created a pretty nice fence and strike zone. They even have home-made foul poles. Pretty legit. My only complaint is that they are not starting their season until July 17th. What’s up with that?


2 responses to “Youngest League in The Country is at it Again

  1. Kyle Schultz

    haha yeah we no its late its because all the players play baseball and it would interfere with wiffle ball a lot.

  2. I like following this league. It reminds me of playing at their age in the frontyard. It would be so cool to see these kids in like 5-10 years still playing hard and having a whole backstory/history to their teams and players.

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