Brand New Episode of This Month in Wiffleball

Palisades WBL wrapped up their opening week last weekend and they are off to an exciting start. If you’ve never followed this league closely this year would be a great year to start. They’ve expanded to 10 teams and worked especially hard in the preseason to make the league more competitive with the draft. The uniforms this year look more legit. In most cases the players appeared to have shorts that matched their shirts and knee-high socks. Some may think the uniforms somewhat mimic the Golden Stick look but one should not be so hasty. They use MLB team names and the fabric isn’t that weird metallic mystery fabric like in Golden Stick. So the Palisades WBL uniform appearance looks a little better than the GSWL uniforms. Everyone’s entitled to their own opinion though. So if you’re into the whole mystery fabric thing, that’s cool. But back to the game. Dakota Kenny appears to be picking up where he left off last year: being a batter’s worst nightmare. Kenny threw a perfect game against Pete Montanez and the Marlins, no easy feat. There were two other no-hitters in week 1. Rich Guillod no-hit the Dodgers and the Brewers and Dodgers no-hit each other for 6 innings, Brewers were declared winner for have 9 total bases to the Dodgers 3. 2012 looks to be a GREAT season for Palisades WBL so stay tuned.


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  1. palisadeswbl

    Ballerina socks are strongly discouraged and often used as a starting point to question a player’s manhood.

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