Hess Field Starts April 28

At noon on April 28th Hess Field Wiffleball will kick off their regular season. But will it be the same HFWB we’ve always known. This year the league strives to achieve greater “parity in the league.” The website has warned that there will be “numerous changes” that are necessary to make 2012 season their “best yet.” We will not know for sure if they will wow us this year until they begin their season. But things do look promising from what changes have made it out to the public. They dropped the second division and all the teams will play each other an equal amount of times. There has been a lot of trading and acquiring of free agents in recent months which may prove to indeed give the league greater parity. Teams seem to be getting a lot of practice in spring training and more recently on Saturday during the HFWB Rotterdam Invitational. The pitcher’s mound is being moved back further and the strikezone board will be larger. There is also talk of rules changes. So keep your eye on HFWB as they try to amaze us this year. Their website does not get much updating but their Twitter page is always abuzz.


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