The Verdict is in for The Revolution…

…and it’s not good. The guys over at SAHD (Stay At-Home Dad) Wiffle have been wasting no time this spring reviewing products. Earlier this month they gave the GTSOH bat (produced by Palisades WBL) the green light, giving it a favorable score. Yesterday the website posted a brand new review of a product that was stirring a lot of buzz for backyard sports enthusiasts – the Revolution bat by Junk Ball. We heard about this bat before a lot of people because we kept our ear to the ground waiting for an announcement for any “big plans” they were hinting at in one of our articles from our latest magazine. Once The Revolution was announced for release we immediately informed SAHD Wiffle to give us their opinion of the quality of the product. Chad, founder of SAHD Wiffle, said “If I’m asked to sum it up in one word, the word is, ‘nope.'” Ouch! There was no shortage of criticisms in their video review (below) of the product. They said the stickers were low quality and the performance made it feel more like a “toy” than a competitive instrument. Another major criticism they had was the price. You pay around $15 for this bat and Unbreakaball. The ball received the lowest rating (F-) of any product on the site. Their argument seems to be this: you could pay $15 for a crappy bat and ball combo or pay nearly a third of that and get a quality product like Wiffle Ball. The choice is yours. Some of you may say that it’s brand loyalty but don’t be so hasty. They have given great scores to bats other than the Wiffle Bat. But take heed to this warning from SAHD Wiffle. They have proven themselves to be a reliable source for product testing and there is no reason why you should not take their reviews seriously. The first Junk Ball bat scored well (B-) but apparently could not replicate their success with their latest product. Chad says they need to go “back to the drawing board.” No word yet on Junk Ball’s response to this criticism and we have yet to read feedback from any fans of Junk Ball. We’ll keep you posted.


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