WiffleATL Starting Strong

Opening day seemed to have went well this past weekend for our friends in Hotlanta. Every team played on opening day (2 games each), which is something most leagues cannot accomplish on the first day of the season. Last year’s champions, Tucker Power Co., lead the league with a 2-0 record. The early lead in the standings justifies Tucker Power’s position at #10 in the Week 1 NWLA Rankings. The only other nationally ranked team in the league, Nellie’s BBQ, did not perform very well. They finished the day as the league’s only winless team which will definitely knock them out of the rankings, which is a real shame since they started their year at #25 in the country. There is already a detailed recap on the website from opening day festivities. Even if they rarely update for the rest of the year they have already put more timely and fresh content on their site this year than the past two years combined. It can only be assumed that they will continue to keep us posted on the progress of their season so that we all can really follow the South’s premier league. They also updated the season schedule with the regular season ending in early July. It sounds early but keep in mind that southern humidity can be paralyzing. First round of the playoffs start on July 22 and the Championship will take place August 5. It’s going to be an exciting season for this league so keep your eye on them.


2 responses to “WiffleATL Starting Strong

  1. Dunno if you noticed it on the site, but our longtime pet project of “historic rankings” is up as well. not only can you see who the best player is this year, but also the best player OF ALL TIME. Granted, with the many rule changes its tough to compare season to season but still. Great job by the higher ups.

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