5 Things That Happened Over The Weekend

So WiffleATL, CCWA, and PWL started their seasons over the weekend. But what else happened? Well, a lot. We are entering a time of year for wiffleball when everything accelerates, a time-frame for the game that I like to refer to as ‘budding‘. One minute you have a handle on things on all that is going on in the wiffle world (or at least think you do) and then the next minute you’re totally lost. Leagues pop up that you’ve never heard of. Tournaments set dates. Rankings come out. Articles spring up everywhere like dandelions. A normal day for you becomes some league’s opening day for the season. Before you know it almost every league is in full swing. When I started this blog around 14 months ago I first noticed this phenomenon. I stayed on top of things pretty well and then all of a sudden I could not keep up with all that was going on. It was during this time I realized just how big this sport really has become and was in awe of it’s vastness. But enough chit-chat let’s get you caught up on what happened this past weekend. Here we go!…

1. The latest podcast from WSEM broadcasted yesterday. Carl Coffee, Brandon Corbett, and “special guest” Greg Franzen recapped how the league’s preseason Satellite Tournaments went. They also discussed their predictions for who would win each division this season and quizzed the league’s biggest fan. Their podcasts are always a treat so give it a chance.

2. This video surfaced on Wiffleboy28’s Youtube channel yesterday. He apparently went through the trouble of editing several clips of gameplay from all over the net into a singular montage entitled ‘The Game of Wiffleball.’ There are a bunch of recognizable clips in the montage including a clip from a video we posted last year from the London Wiffleball Tournament.

3. Parson’s Summer Wiffle League had their opening day April 12 and this video was uploaded last Friday. Judging by this video alone…I am kicking myself for not including them on 5 Leagues That might Surprise Us (in a good way) in 2012. Their videos have always been pretty good but they really improved this time around. There are a variety of camera views but they don’t lose the ‘up close and personal’ style with the shots. Their website received a much needed facelift. At least one of their teams (Average Joes) have matching shirts. Perhaps what is most impressive is they played more games in a day than they did any day last year. Watch the video long enough and you’ll see another game being played on the other side of the outfield fence. The video really does have everything when you consider the addition the bloopers provide…special pitches, interviews, weird music, and a rainbow. What else do you need?

4. The National Wiffleball League Association released their Week 1 rankings on Sunday to the delight of hundreds (perhaps thousands?) of followers. Expect the rankings to jumble every week as they will be updated every week until the end of summer. If the NWLA is something you’re new to please understand that the dude that does the rankings has to weigh the teams every week. There’s no doubt that is a responsibility that has to suck. He’s done this every year since 2006 so he’s kind of a pro. Every summer there are a few disgruntled people on the messageboard that feel the need to whine about their team’s position in the rankings. My advice is to keep the whining to a minimum as the guy seems to be the leading expert on ranking wiffle teams.

5. Crofton Wiffle Association has added a 4th team, called the Destroyers (which have a sweet logo), meaning they have reached their goal of 4 teams so that they can have a season. The commissioner (Jamie Francis) is wasting no time getting the season together. Things will be kicking off this Saturday on April 21. You might ask “But Josh, I thought they were already playing a season?” Astonishing as it may be, all the games they have played was pretty much practice. Having said that their preseason performance is quite possibly the lengthiest spring training I have ever seen for a wiffleball league. I really do have to tip my hat to this league. They continue to get better every time I take a look at them. Their website has so much content for a brand new league. They have a columnist for the site now (Chick Perforate) and have a kick-ass trophy (pictured on the left) awaiting this season’s champion, although I don’t think the coffee cup on the left is not included.


5 responses to “5 Things That Happened Over The Weekend

  1. I love you, Josh!

  2. ETW teams shoold bee hyer rankd

  3. Hopefully the trophy holds up over the course of this year..haha. Thanks again for the mention!

  4. Jamie – it looks like a pretty sweet trophy. Is it something you made or did you have it made?

  5. I made it out of a weird vase thing I found at a Home Sense store, with a ‘cup’ top made from a piece of a lighting kit. It’s all glued together in a very low budget way, but looks okay held from far back…haha

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