“Introducing…The Revolution”

Junk Ball is taking their product to the next level with their latest release called The Revolution. The company announced the new bat on their facebook page yesterday afternoon giving many of their fans something new to look forward to this summer. However, not all of their fans were so cheerful. The first comment on the post was “Wow, an aluminum bat so that Junk Balls will break in half even easier than before!” This was later corrected by a Junk Ball representative saying that it’s a plastic bat that only “looks” like it’s made of aluminum. The comment about the ball being easy to break seems fairly accurate though. Many have criticized the company on the red band on the original Junk Ball being so easy to break and the bat being so durable. Junk Ball foresaw this before releasing the product. They decided to make another Junk Ball called the Unbreakaball. Great name but will it stand up to the abuse that children can inflict upon a toy? If they have managed to make a ball that can withstand the same amount of use as a Wiffle Ball then the Junk Ball could rise to new heights and become an equal competitor with Wiffle Inc.


6 responses to ““Introducing…The Revolution”

  1. We’re working on it. Trying to work with Junk Ball and get one out here for testing, however, not exactly quick on the response. The people at our local sporting goods shops looked at me like I was crazy requesting this bat “they’ve never heard of”. We’ll get it done. Just takes a little longer than anticipated.

    • It’s brand new so it’ll take a while to get it in local stores. Ordering it online seems to be the only way to access it at the moment.

      • Seriously disappointed at the lack of customer care. Emailed them with an inquiry, received no response. I may be jaded heading into this review.

      • Sorry to hear that you’re having trouble getting through to them. The guy I emailed for the interview was spotty in replying. Maybe that’s just the way they do things. ‘Tis a shame.

  2. Chad ordered the bat today and we should have our review up fairly soon

  3. I am Chad, and I confirm this message.

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