New Issue of the Magazine is Ready!

Some of you may have thought that they day was never going to come but here it is…the new issue of the Wiffler’s Digest magazine. Originally supposed to be released as the Jan/Feb issue things…happened, and the issue was delayed. It features 13 articles, relevant ads, colorful images, and is over 60 pages long. It’s printer-friendly too! Fits onto 8.5” x 11” sheet of paper. It isn’t booklet printer friendly yet. That version should be ready sometime next week. A lot of hard work went into this issue and we think the wait was worth it and hopefully you will think so too. Mason Everett did a great job with the format and Brandon Corbett, Brian Meyers, and Joey Kahler did an amazing job with imagery and design. Special thanks to all the writers and Matt Riegler for editing/proof-reading. Now lets enjoy the fruits of our labor and read this thing!


2 responses to “New Issue of the Magazine is Ready!

  1. Love the magazine! Does anyone know how I can get in touch with Scott M?

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