KWLNY Calls It Quits

The Kingston Wiffleball League of New York is no more. In a brief statement yesterday the league’s commissioner, Drew van der Poel, announced that there “will be no kwl this year” on the league’s facebook page. Players within the league appear to be in disbelief and a reason for Poel to stop running his league after “a great 4 years” is unclear. What we do know is that Poel has been playing in the Hudson Valley WBL since last year and appeared to be enjoying himself. Also it is worth noting that the KWLNY has always been plagued by attendance issues. It is easy to see how a hard working commissioner such as Poel could get lost in another league and enjoy not having to worry about running a league. Those of you who have never ran a league have NO IDEA how much hard work it is. This is all speculation of course but who could blame him for wanting to be just one of the players for a change. Earlier today Poel announced that David Grogan, the Hudson Valley WBL commissioner, is extending an invitation for KWLNY players to play in his league at the discounted price of just $25 per players. HVWBL has been showing a lot of potential already this year with their indoor winter league and accomplished a lot since they first began in 2010. If they inherit a lot of players from the former KWLNY they could surge to become the toast of New York.


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