NWLA April Fools News

The writers with the National Wiffleball League Association thought it would be humorous to post a bunch of joke stories and headlines on the homepage of the website. Many of you in your waking hours will stumble your way to the keyboard and may end up spitting cheerios on your computer screen in shock if you did not read this warning first. Josh Smith wrote a story about an alleged cancellation of the London Wiffleball Tournament. Josh Williamson announced that Truck was stepping down as HRL commissioner…again. Finn McCool showed Wiffle Inc.’s plans on getting rid of the oblong holes on their iconic toy while new writer Sam Skibbe announced that the company was changing its name altogether. Elvis Morales posted a humorous story about the famed KWL columnist Jacques Rimmier. He was popular among readers for his Creme De La Creme column and was believed to be dead. The article goes on to say that he was spotted today in a Kalamazoo park and attacked two workers. If your interest has been peaked then you should check those articles out along with the heinous headlines. Hope you have a good laugh at them. Oh, and have a merry April Fools Day everyone.


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