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NWLA Tournament Undergos Sea Change

It’s been a few months since the confirmation of the Inaugural NWLA Tournament was announced. However, not much has been mentioned about the event. When I went to Washington D.C. last weekend to meet up and chat with PWL commissioner Chris Gallaway I discussed the tournament some more. We talked about a lot of details and what the event should be like. I found out that he’s a man of high expectations and intends to see this event through. He and WSEM commissioner Carl Coffee have been trying to hammer out the details for the NWLA Tournament that will take place in central Ohio the weekend of July 14-15. If you’ve followed the event on facebook you might have noticed that Gallaway recently added some details about the event. The tournament will be yellow bat only and fast pitch with the mount approx. 45 feet away from plate. Tournament was originally going to be the same location as the London Wiffleball Tournament but now plans seem to being put into motion to have the tournament in or around Columbus, Ohio. PWL promises to secure hotel accommodations and food for all teams involved. Teams involved must belong to a league in the NWLA. More information is expected to surface on the event site soon but if you have any questions you can contact Chris Gallaway at


Hess Field Starts April 28

At noon on April 28th Hess Field Wiffleball will kick off their regular season. But will it be the same HFWB we’ve always known. This year the league strives to achieve greater “parity in the league.” The website has warned that there will be “numerous changes” that are necessary to make 2012 season their “best yet.” We will not know for sure if they will wow us this year until they begin their season. But things do look promising from what changes have made it out to the public. They dropped the second division and all the teams will play each other an equal amount of times. There has been a lot of trading and acquiring of free agents in recent months which may prove to indeed give the league greater parity. Teams seem to be getting a lot of practice in spring training and more recently on Saturday during the HFWB Rotterdam Invitational. The pitcher’s mound is being moved back further and the strikezone board will be larger. There is also talk of rules changes. So keep your eye on HFWB as they try to amaze us this year. Their website does not get much updating but their Twitter page is always abuzz.

Jim Abbott Throws Some Wiffleball Pitches To Doug Glanville

Former Yankee star Jim Abbott was a guest at ESPN’s “Car Wash” this past Wednesday. This video just surfaced on Youtube this morning of him pitching to former Philly Doug Glanville (currently an ESPN analyst). Abbott pitched to around 10 other ESPN employees during his visit. To read the full article visit ESPN’s Front Row.

The Verdict is in for The Revolution…

…and it’s not good. The guys over at SAHD (Stay At-Home Dad) Wiffle have been wasting no time this spring reviewing products. Earlier this month they gave the GTSOH bat (produced by Palisades WBL) the green light, giving it a favorable score. Yesterday the website posted a brand new review of a product that was stirring a lot of buzz for backyard sports enthusiasts – the Revolution bat by Junk Ball. We heard about this bat before a lot of people because we kept our ear to the ground waiting for an announcement for any “big plans” they were hinting at in one of our articles from our latest magazine. Once The Revolution was announced for release we immediately informed SAHD Wiffle to give us their opinion of the quality of the product. Chad, founder of SAHD Wiffle, said “If I’m asked to sum it up in one word, the word is, ‘nope.'” Ouch! There was no shortage of criticisms in their video review (below) of the product. They said the stickers were low quality and the performance made it feel more like a “toy” than a competitive instrument. Another major criticism they had was the price. You pay around $15 for this bat and Unbreakaball. The ball received the lowest rating (F-) of any product on the site. Their argument seems to be this: you could pay $15 for a crappy bat and ball combo or pay nearly a third of that and get a quality product like Wiffle Ball. The choice is yours. Some of you may say that it’s brand loyalty but don’t be so hasty. They have given great scores to bats other than the Wiffle Bat. But take heed to this warning from SAHD Wiffle. They have proven themselves to be a reliable source for product testing and there is no reason why you should not take their reviews seriously. The first Junk Ball bat scored well (B-) but apparently could not replicate their success with their latest product. Chad says they need to go “back to the drawing board.” No word yet on Junk Ball’s response to this criticism and we have yet to read feedback from any fans of Junk Ball. We’ll keep you posted.

WiffleATL Starting Strong

Opening day seemed to have went well this past weekend for our friends in Hotlanta. Every team played on opening day (2 games each), which is something most leagues cannot accomplish on the first day of the season. Last year’s champions, Tucker Power Co., lead the league with a 2-0 record. The early lead in the standings justifies Tucker Power’s position at #10 in the Week 1 NWLA Rankings. The only other nationally ranked team in the league, Nellie’s BBQ, did not perform very well. They finished the day as the league’s only winless team which will definitely knock them out of the rankings, which is a real shame since they started their year at #25 in the country. There is already a detailed recap on the website from opening day festivities. Even if they rarely update for the rest of the year they have already put more timely and fresh content on their site this year than the past two years combined. It can only be assumed that they will continue to keep us posted on the progress of their season so that we all can really follow the South’s premier league. They also updated the season schedule with the regular season ending in early July. It sounds early but keep in mind that southern humidity can be paralyzing. First round of the playoffs start on July 22 and the Championship will take place August 5. It’s going to be an exciting season for this league so keep your eye on them.

5 Things That Happened Over The Weekend

So WiffleATL, CCWA, and PWL started their seasons over the weekend. But what else happened? Well, a lot. We are entering a time of year for wiffleball when everything accelerates, a time-frame for the game that I like to refer to as ‘budding‘. One minute you have a handle on things on all that is going on in the wiffle world (or at least think you do) and then the next minute you’re totally lost. Leagues pop up that you’ve never heard of. Tournaments set dates. Rankings come out. Articles spring up everywhere like dandelions. A normal day for you becomes some league’s opening day for the season. Before you know it almost every league is in full swing. When I started this blog around 14 months ago I first noticed this phenomenon. I stayed on top of things pretty well and then all of a sudden I could not keep up with all that was going on. It was during this time I realized just how big this sport really has become and was in awe of it’s vastness. But enough chit-chat let’s get you caught up on what happened this past weekend. Here we go!…

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Opening Weekend

Three leagues will be kicking off their 2012 season this weekend. WiffleATL begins their season today while the Potomac Wiffleball League and Columbia Cowlitz Wiffleball Association kick things off tomorrow afternoon. These three leagues have been a while for quite sometime and are among the most solid in the country. WiffleATL looks stronger than ever and hope to have a noticeably better season than they have in the recent past. A new (and more basic) website shows some promise of featuring more up-to-date content and lets not forget they actually expanded to 8 teams this year. CCWA has been updating their blog, Holey Balls, like crazy lately which gives us more insight as to what to expect from them in 2012. The Mid-Atlantic giants known as the PWL are busting out this year with 20 teams, making them one of the largest leagues in the country. It is for this reason that I am surprised we don’t hear about them more often. Their website may have the most content of any league out there and is run by one of the most committed commissioners in the game.  The editor of this magazine and blog, Josh Smith, will be visiting Washington D.C. to see what is going on with the Potomac Wiffleball League next weekend. He’s bringing a camera, video camera, and a notepad. Prepare for some articles and videos in the near future.