Riegler’s Digest: Quick Word About Drafting

Enjoy a preview to one of the articles that will be in the May/June issue of the Wiffler’s Digest magazine. This article, and this column, is authored by one of the editors for the magazine – Matt Riegler.

In a lot of ways, wiffeball is the anti-moneyball variant of baseball. While outs are still the game’s currency, there isn’t much value in a guy who gets on-base 75% of the time if s/he’s just a singles hitter. And because there (usually) isn’t any baserunning, speed can’t kill. Groundball pitching is made tenuous at best because of the way the ball is constructed, and flyball pitchers, well,

I’ve yet to see a wiffleball field that wasn’t a banbox.

Thankfully that still leaves us with the two most exciting kinds of players, the strikeout artist and the homerun artiste.

So what should, as the shrewd and cunning manager that you are, look for when constructing your team?

It depends on what kind of team you have already. Pitching heavy? Draft a fireballer. Hitting heavy? Draft a basher. Point is to draft for depth. Why? Balance is irrelevant when you only have a few roster spots to fill in the first place.

Build up your strengths, practice your weaknesses, and let your depth lead you this season’s wiffleball championship.


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