Wiffler’s Digest Mentioned In New WSEM Podcast

Carl Coffee and Brandon Corbett step behind the microphone once again but sans John Hill for another WSEM Podcast. Belgian Wiffles captain, David Buhr, sat in and chimed in when possible. This particular podcast, the 10th so far, almost did not happen. Corbett announced on the podcast’s Facebook page that technical difficulties with their computer had wiped up the majority of what they had recorded. But somehow they recovered the recording but the quality was affected, giving it a “lo-fi kiss sound.” They continue to touch on the national scene by discussing leagues playing their seasons already such as Crofton Wiffleball League and Tampa Bay Wiffle Ball League. At about 25 minutes into the program they begin to discuss the cover story for the new issue of Wiffler’s Digest – the top 15 recreational league pitchers in the country. Two of their league’s pitchers (Cliff Comstock and Dennis Pearson) made the cut and they indirectly mention a few others that are on the list. This serves as a teaser until the issue comes out – which will be soon. It was sent off to our publisher about a week ago and should be out VERY soon. But until then, give the new episode of the WSEM Podcast a listen.


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