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Under The Rader: 5 Leagues That Might Surprise Us in 2012

Well it’s that time of year again. The landscape is becoming greener. The sky clearer. You can actually wear short sleeves and not bring a jacket for ‘just in case’. Picnics abound at all the surrounding parks. There’s no denying it: spring has arrived. Some of you may completely forget about wiffleball in the winter and it’s only when the symptoms of spring return that you once again find yourself behind your keyboard visiting the websites of your favorite leagues. A lot of you probably check on the same few that are considered by many to be the elite leagues in the country. You know the leagues: Golden Stick, Kalamazoo, Palisades, Hess Field, and so on… But what you might not know is that there are some incredibly promising leagues on the cusp of greatness. Some of the five leagues I’m about to mention may be brand spanking new or have been around a while and are reforming themselves. I can only speculate that these leagues can deliver what they promise in 2012 but I believe that these five leagues have potential to impress us all this year.

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GSWL Weekly Newsletter

Lou Levesque, President of GSWL, recently announced that players in the league will receive a weekly Holes Up newsletter. The idea is to keep players informed as they progress through the season. It looks like it’s going to be pretty awesome. With an organization as vast as Golden Stick, players could make use of information to be included in such a newsletter. Now players in all the regions can know what’s going on in the entire organization without visiting the website all the time.

VPtv Covers Lowball and Little Fenway

Little Fenway and Lowball Wiffle were visited by a crew from Vermont Public Television, a PBS affiliate. If you live in Vermont tune in to Vermont Public TV this Saturday (March 31) at 10:00 AM to see Little Fenway and Lowball Wiffle highlighted in their outdoor journal series.

Riegler’s Digest: Quick Word About Drafting

Enjoy a preview to one of the articles that will be in the May/June issue of the Wiffler’s Digest magazine. This article, and this column, is authored by one of the editors for the magazine – Matt Riegler.

In a lot of ways, wiffeball is the anti-moneyball variant of baseball. While outs are still the game’s currency, there isn’t much value in a guy who gets on-base 75% of the time if s/he’s just a singles hitter. And because there (usually) isn’t any baserunning, speed can’t kill. Groundball pitching is made tenuous at best because of the way the ball is constructed, and flyball pitchers, well,

I’ve yet to see a wiffleball field that wasn’t a banbox.

Thankfully that still leaves us with the two most exciting kinds of players, the strikeout artist and the homerun artiste.

So what should, as the shrewd and cunning manager that you are, look for when constructing your team?

It depends on what kind of team you have already. Pitching heavy? Draft a fireballer. Hitting heavy? Draft a basher. Point is to draft for depth. Why? Balance is irrelevant when you only have a few roster spots to fill in the first place.

Build up your strengths, practice your weaknesses, and let your depth lead you this season’s wiffleball championship.

2012 PSWL Preview

Parson’s Summer Wiffle League (PSWL) has had an extremely quiet off-season. In early 2011 this league made a lot of noise but they unfortunately faded into the background for many of us. Their commissioner did a great job promoting the league in 2011 with their energetic highlights videos. They are a young league of teenagers – which is why they may not be taken as seriously as other leagues but if you give this league a chance and follow them enough you will not be disappointed. Their website needs a little work as it only contains the bare essentials of information. 2012 could be their breakout year so don’t count them out.

Wifflin’ for Wishes 2012 Date Announced

Since Pat “Truck” Moriarty has returned to being commissioner  people have been excited to see what will happen with HRL: Twin Cities. But what a lot of people have over-looked is his work with his charity tournament, Wifflin’ for Wishes, that donates proceeds to the Minnesota Make-a-Wish Foundation that he’s been running since 2005. There have been hints from him and other members of the HRL on the NWLA message board that this year’s tournament could be extra special. We still don’t know what all will be happening but what we do know is the date: June 9, 2012. Mark your calendars. More details on this tournament as they come in.

Little Ebbets Field In Boston Globe

Tom Hannon is mentioned in today’s edition of the Boston Globe. His field, known to many as “Little Ebbits Field” is a replica of the stadium that stood when the Dodgers played in Brooklyn. The article details the opinions of neighbors and family as Hannon built what can be considered to be one of the greatest wiffleball fields ever constructed. We learn that the driving force for him creating this destination was a “mid-life crisis” he was experiences as he tried to distract himself from a divorce. The article also talks a little about his new website,, which is sure to thrill baseball fans. Great article!